Pan-seared Jumbo Scallop w/ Avocado & Shrimp Salsa

One of the most simply beautiful things to put in one’s mouth is a perfectly pan-seared scallop.  Although relatively simple to execute, I’ve had many over-cooked, chewy or soggy scallops in my short lifetime eating them.  It’s the simplest things that are the easiest to fuck up, excuse my language.  Eggs, for instance, require a certain patience and skill.  They are deceivingly simple, shall we say.

Getting back to scallops: when you pan-fry them, the best seasoning is simple salt and pepper.  Dry them off as much as possible before you fry them in a very hot pan.  I like to use duck fat instead of oil for my scallops.  Duck fat is always a good call in my books.  If you’re can’t get your hands on duck fat, pork fat (lard or bacon fat) is also a great alternative.  After all, bacon and scallops are a classic combination.

Because fresh scallops are very delicate and sweet in both flavour and texture, I usually serve them with something delicate and neutral in flavour, so as to not overwhelm and mute the scallop’s beautiful taste.  In this recipe, the avocado and shrimp salsa pairs perfectly!

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