The Search For Quail Eggs In Nova Scotia

Since moving to Toronto and immersing myself in the culinary world, my view towards food has changed a great deal.  I have always loved great food, and have cooked and baked with my mother growing up but the options in Halifax Nova Scotia are much fewer than here in Toronto.

I recently went home to Halifax for my brother’s wedding and of course, wanted to share my love for food with my family and friends by cooking for them.  I found that I was constantly running around the city trying to find ingredients I take for granted in Toronto. I had my heart set on cooking specific dishes for my family knowing they would love what I had planned, so I was willing to spend the time to find the ingredients I needed.

I wanted to make Beurre Blanc Poached Lobster on a bed of Wilted Garlic Spinach, topped with a Soft-Poached Quail Egg. Of course, lobster was easy to get my hands on back at home, and at a fantastic price of $5.99/lb. The other ingredients of butter, spinach, garlic, white wine were all also very easy to find as they are common ingredients. The challenge was in finding quail eggs! I went to my neighborhood grocer with little hope of finding them there but figured it was worth a shot. Unfortunately there was no luck there as I had expected. My next stop was Petes Frootique, which is comparable to Pusateri’s of Halifax. Pete’s used to sell quail eggs, but they came in frozen and ultimately they decided it was not worth bringing them in. I was next sent to the Italian Market in hopes of finding the eggs there, but again no luck.

At this point I was getting discouraged but knew there was still one more chance to find my quail eggs. I had my father make the trip to drive across the bridge to Bedford to the original location of Petes Frootique to see if they would have them. They did not have any in stock as the item is simply just not in demand, but they could order me a half dozen in for $18.99 with a 15 day wait.

Needless to say, my family did not get to enjoy the meal I had originally planned, but were not disappointed in the lobster and steak I prepared for them after my day of ingredient hunting. Next time I visit home, I’ll be sure to place an order for quail eggs as soon as I arrive and plan for a dinner at the end of my trip.

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