My Search for the Best Chocolate Croissant in Toronto – Bonjour Brioche

When I was 10, I lived in Brussels, Belgium, for a short period of time while my Dad was filming a movie.  Every morning, without fail, someone would go out to fetch breakfast: pain au chocolat (better known as a chocolate croissant).  I cannot even begin to explain the luscious, buttery, flaky goodness of a Belgian chocolate croissant.  Better than Paris, the chocolate in Belgium just takes the simple pastry to a whole new level of decadence.  There are no words really…

Ever since I’ve moved back to Toronto, after I finished my undergrad in Montreal, I’ve been on a secret mission to find a pain au chocolat that compares to my childhood memory.  There have certainly been some that have come close, but they’ve never been quite good enough.  As such, since starting this blog, I have decided to slightly tweak my search; my mission is to find the best chocolate croissant in Toronto.

My first stop was Bonjour Brioche, one of my favorite neighbourhood  spots.  Acclaimed for having the best baguettes in the city, this french bakery turned lunch/brunch spot is a must for any Torontonian.  If you haven’t been, GO!!!

Their pain au chocolat is really excellently done, with great flakiness and richness.  The only suggestion I would make is that they could use a little more chocolate – but I’m also a chocolate fanatic.  The chocolate is always un-centered, which means you don’t have it in every bite – make of that what you will.

I definitely recommend them.